Michael is the Founder & CEO of DigiLogic, Inc.

Michael’s experience includes being a leading IT professional offering over 20 years of experience and proven ability to grow business, lead, and motivate teams, providing extensive experience in Business Development, Operations, IT Services, Digital MarketingWebsite Design & Optimization, Corporate Branding, Social Media Branding & ManagementSearch Engine Optimization (SEO), Team Building, and Management.

Early in his career Michael worked with the executive leadership of NYNEX Corporation to expand and provide long distance services and to prepare and present to the board of directors a merger agreement with Bell Atlantic which eventually paved the way to become what is now Verizon Communications.

Michael later led the architecture, built and managed the development team, and successfully innovated business processes around a custom interactive reporting framework. He utilized this framework to revolutionize how the Bear Stearn’s Prime Brokerage arm did business. Michael then recognized the need to expand upon this to keep individual business unit’s needs separate from each other. These changes led to successful delivery with faster time to market for consistent additions to the growing system.

Michael lead NTT DATA’s Mobile & Responsive Web Practice. Michael built the practice from the grassroots level into an innovative global team that continues to grow and support clients worldwide. While at NTT DATA Michael also lead the initial Cloud Center of Excellence, and built a User Experience Team to Support The Mobile, Responsive Web, Social, and Gamification Practices. Michael was also a leader within NTT DATA’s Digital Practice, including leading research and development of Mobile, Web, and Internet of Things (IOT) Projects in conjunction with other business vertical leads and NTT Corporate in Tokyo, Japan. Michael was also one of the key leaders of the Global Mobile One and Global Digital one teams.

Michael’s leadership extends to contributions to the open source software community including the Higgins Cloud Selector used to provide cross-platform and mobile identity management.

Michael’s career also included working as the Chief Information Officer (CIO) of a multi-million dollar payments company that specialized in ATM Terminal Management, Transaction Processing, Online Rent Payments & Processing, ACH Payments & Processing. While CIO Michael was also the Chief Security Officer responsible for IT Security, PCI Compliance, and PIN Audits as well as building a global diverse team to perform Software Development, Customer Portals, Websites, Infrastructure, Support, Data Center Upgrades, Support, and Maintenance.

Michael has volunteered his time to support various local organizations as well as served on the board of directors for a large community HOA. He also assisted the HOA’s Social Committee for over five years by assisting in entertainment choices, booking, setup and breakdown for events, event registration, and coordination as well as marketing the events through the community. Fundraising was a key aspect to supporting the committee and as such Michael supported both the committee and community by soliciting donations from local businesses to help raise funds through raffles. These raffles also doubled as a way for local businesses to be visible within the community.

Michael has a diverse background is very skilled and experienced in website development and maintenance, e-commerce development, search engine optimization (SEO), custom software development, graphic design, providing security and monitoring of websites and social media channels, internet & social media marketing, ad design, video editing and production, as well as sound editing and production.


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