Website & Social Media Assessment

Website & Social Media Assessment

It all starts with a Website & Social Media Assessment. Regardless of the state of your business or online presence and activity, it is good practice to have a professional assessment done to realign your brand, story, presence, and activity to match the direction and goals you have with your business. DigiLogic is a professional Internet & Social Media Marketing company committed to providing our clients with the strategy and execution that will help them to meet or exceed their goals.

The very first step to Internet & Social Media Marketing, Social Media Setup, Strategy, and Management, Website Design, Development, Modernization, Alignment with Your Company’s Brand Story or even a Marketing Campaign is to make sure you have defined your business goals. It is also critical to pause and take a look at how your business appears to the online world. You could have a beautiful store or office and meticulously keep it in tune what your vision is, while having a horrible review online from somebody that wanted to take their bad day out on you. Your online reputation could be hurting your business without you even knowing about it. As a client of DigiLogic you won’t have to worry about your online reputation because we will worry about it for you.

Not every business is the same nor is every business owner. There are some of you that are comfortable with the fact that you have your website setup or maybe you also have a Facebook or Twitter account up and you are happy to be online. The fact is that the very same people that are your customers or prospective clients are online all of the time and they are constantly looking for and sharing information with everyone that they know. The move visible and active you are in a relevant and meaningful fashion that aligns to your brand story and business goals, the more they will interact with you and share your activity with their friends and colleagues.

Online Reputation

You may also not realize that over 50% of your website traffic may very well be coming from mobile phones and tablets. We follow best practices to ensure that our clients websites show up the way they should on every type of device and browser. It is important to view everything that represents your business from the eyes of the different types of people that look at it. A big beautiful, verbose website may be your vision from your desktop browser, but be impossible for a mobile phone user to navigate through. Regardless of where your website is or where it should be, we will help you setup the proper messaging and execution to ensure a successful online presence.

Evaluation of Your Website

  • How well it conveys your brand story
  • How well your content is consistent with your brand
  • How well it works on desktop, laptop, tablet, and mobile devices
  • Site Navigation
  • How compelling your content is
  • Overall performance

Evaluation of Your Social Media Channels

  • Which social media channels are in place
  • Frequency of posting new content
  • Engagement of your audience
  • How well your brand story is conveyed
  • How well your content is consistent with your brand

Evaluation of Your Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Effectiveness

  • Insights into the effectiveness of your website’s SEO
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